Thursday, 20 September 2012

What to do, with Charlie Hebdo?

Oh Charlie, what have you done?  My loveable, but foolish son.
Don’t you see your gross mistake, to draw cartoons so sure to wake
the fury of the faithful crew – Muhammad’s men will come for you…

And if they do not get you first, our liberal friends might quench their thirst,
for keen are they to tolerate, religious men who spread their hate
by false pretext of religious rights – then claim it’s us who pick the fight!

You stand accused of hateful spite - lumped in with the Nazi right -
branded an Islamophobe, a scourge to faith across the globe.
All hail the rule of blasphemy… the pious law to crush the free.

It pains, to explain, the plainly true, what’s clear to me, should be to you,
That on these rocks our freedom fails – now’s not the time to turn our tails
and strangle our democracy. Hold fast, Hebdo, and we’ll all be free.

Charlie Hebdo Cover

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